Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chloe's Reflection on Camp

The week Chloe was at camp, I had decided that I would ask her to write a post about her camp experience. I wanted her to document what she learned and experienced that week. Well, she's been home for 2 weeks and that just hasn't happened! We've been very busy. So we decided that I would interview her.

Mom: What was the theme of camp this year?

Chloe: Breaking Free.

Mom: Tell me about your team.

Chloe: The name of my team was Green Captives. We had 8 girls and 5 boys.

Mom: What kind of fun things did you do?

Chloe: We played games like earth ball & tubular chaos, and had a gigantic slip and slide in recreation time. We went to the pool and they had a deep pool with a slide and a diving board. It was fun.

Mom: Was the food good?

Chloe: Oh yea! Way better than last year in TN!!!

Mom: What was your worship time like?

Chloe: Brent Weber was our worship leader. He is so cool and has some fun songs.

Mom: What was your favorite fun song?

Chloe: I have 2. "The Karate Song" and the "Crazy Dance".

Mom: Okay, what was your favorite serious song?

Chloe: "Blessed Be the Name"

Mom: What was your personal Bible study time like?

Chloe: Each day they gave us scripture and questions to help us.

Mom: In the worship time, what kind of things did Mr. Rob talk about?

Chloe: The world's lies. Selfishness. Fear and Worry.

Mom: Which one meant the most to you?

Chloe: Fear and Worry.

Mom: Can you tell me why or what you learned?

Chloe: I don't have to have fear because the Lord doesn't give us a spirit of fear.

Mom: What does God give you in place of fear?

Chloe: He makes me feel safe. Peace.

Mom: Do you think what you learned at camp will stay with you the rest of your life?

Chloe: YES!! You're getting to serious.

Mom: Okay, funny question? Which worship time was the silliest. Tacky night or P.J. Night?

Chloe: Tacky night. The girls were the most tacky!

Mom: Anything else you want to say?

Chloe: No.

Mom: Thanks for doing this with me!

Chloe: Can I go now?

Mom: Yes.

Now that the interview is over, I can tell you that over the past 2 weeks, she has mentioned things she learned at camp several times. She took hold of truth that will stay with her the rest of her life. She was blessed to have wonderful counselors who made an eternal impact on her. God answered my prayer in that area.

I believe that as she continues to grow, she will look back on this particular camp as an Ebenezer moment in her life. A moment of remembrance, a place where God did a mighty work in her heart and life.


Meg said...

Awesome! I am so glad that she had a good time and the Lord was working in her little heart. Isn't it amazing how we can watch Him drawing our kids? Thanks for your comment at my site and for your prayers. Love, Meg

The Small Scribbler said...

Hey Chloe,

I'm glad you had a great time at camp and that you learned that Jesus is more powerful than fear or worry. That's a good lesson to learn when your a kid. You'll need it for your whole life.

I would love to hear you sing the Karate Song and the Crazy Dance because I know you are an awesome singer.

I miss you.

Miss Kate