Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dive In

This morning, we took Chloe, one suitcase, a pillow and a carry-on bag to church. She left for camp. Out of state camp. It's just a little over an hour away, but it's out of state, on a college campus. She's been telling everyone that she's living in a dorm this week. She's a pretty mature young lady, but you would have thought she was entering college the way she's carried on.

We watched as a few vans, a box truck packed with luggage and sound equipment, pulled out of the parking lot followed by 5 buses packed with 2nd-5th graders getting ready to "Break Free". (the theme of camp) Excitement was in the air. We walked back to the car and I cried. All those little hearts are going to learn this week about freedom in Christ. I can't wait to hear what happens! I'm going to ask Chloe to blog about it when she gets home.

Emma and I returned home to have some snuggle time, that lasted all of about 5 minutes. So I turned to blog land for a little while. While visiting I went over to Kathy's at Sunballo. Kathy too is writing about becoming more disciplined about getting up and getting into the word. The "Dive In" photo to the right is an invitation to you to join others as we commit to go a little deeper with the Father.

God seems to be placing this theme on several hearts close to mine this week. My sister-in-law at TwinsX2 is a good example of this. Haley at Mommy's Heart has also posted about making time for Him.

With this theme running through blogland, I have to wonder if God is getting ready to do some powerful things in us and through us. He tells us that He wants to meet with us and speak to us. He has something designed just for you. So, how about you? Will you Dive In and go a little deeper with the Father that loves you so much? I'm praying that you will. Swim over to Kathy's and check it out!


~Ang said...

Girl, I am so ready!

Praying for your baby! I am so excited for this camp! It sounds awesome!
Much love,

Meg said...

Yes! I am going over there to dive in after I catch up here on your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Two of my three girls are in the 2nd to 5th grade age range...I can definitely relate to crying over dropping her off! I pray it is rewarding for her and that God teaches her little heart BIG things. Love, Meg

Kate said...

Hope Chloe has a great time and can't wait to read her post.


Darla said...

What an awesome camp theme! I have been working on somethings to bring the whole breaking free and believing God to a level for teens..but the younger the better. I sometimes think what would happen if the younger ones would grip Freedom in Christ, I can tell you what I am seeing...a very special annointing on our youth! One of my daughters is in NY and talking to people on the street about Jesus..she called last night and was so very excited at the power of the Lord and at how even in Times Square there are more that reach out to know HIM than those who don't. She is with the open air ministry from Word of Life. But her team is 14 - 18 years old. She is 15, and has been raised in suburbia. Her annointing has no fear, and believes God. (all my children do not have this same heart..but I am still praying)

Digging in deep...totally delightful!!!