Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monk & Neagle

A little "Note" about the link on my sidebar. Click on it and go listen to a few of the tunes that are on their new CD due to come out in September. I heard about this group on Boomama's website and have fallen in love with their music. It's fun music that makes me want to dance. (Shhh, please don't tell anyone it would destroy my serious, reserved reputation.)

So far, my favorite song is "The Twenty-First Time". (The lyrics remind me of a song I wrote called "Outside These Walls".) It's my favorite until "Into Orbit" starts. And halfway through "Hallelujah Jesus", I found myself flat before the Lord. It's a great worship tune.

This is a quote from their MySpace site. It just confirmed in words what I felt when I listened to their music.

“From the beginning, we’ve never doubted our calling,” says Neagle. “We’ve been willing to give it up, and at times anybody with common sense would try to move on, but by the grace of God, we persevered, and there’s a reason why….”

“If anything has come out of the last few years,” Monk adds, “the frustration of waiting and writing and trying to stay busy with our music, it’s that we have a better understanding of what really matters. These songs hold so much more meaning, this far in the journey, because we’ve experienced grace in real-life terms.”

Go and check them out you'll love them!!


Darla said...

I love them! very sweet how you put that on your page...I really must get a book or something to show me how to do that! I am so slow in learning the whole blog thing!

Do they have demo that is playing Christian radio? I am sure I heard them on WJTL contemporary Christian radio in PA.

Either way they are very good!

~Ang said...

Girl, I cannot wait to go and listen! I love both of your posts! I have been so busy with "life" lately I have not been able to properly blog post! Anyway, I will be back soon too-God willing! Love you-you encourage me so much!

Kathy said...

Cool music. Thanks for sharing!