Sunday, July 15, 2007


What a weekend we have had. It was much to short, and very emotional! I've got several pictures to share with you.

Our Toy Poodle Paddington having a play date with the full sized Poodle that lives next door to my parents.

Chloe in the Fun Roller. They loved this at Gram's Camp and couldn't wait to show us how to use it.

Emma in the Fun Roller.

Yes, this is me in the Fun Roller. I'll spare you the picture taken 2 seconds after this one. I, ummmm, flipped out. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Here are some from church this morning. Chloe read some scripture before I sang. She did a great job. Emma was precious. She said she wasn't nervous at all! Dad baptized 3 this morning! It was a great service.

This one is Chloe reading scripture. Didn't realize how dark it was until I got it loaded. I'll work on that later.

First of all, NO I am NOT the only person eating. My nephew Colin had just handed me his plate when my MOTHER snapped this picture. In this picture we have all my grandparents,Grandmother and her very very good "friend" George and Mamaw and Papaw who are sitting on the couch. Plus my sister, brother and sister-in-law. It's amazing that we are all in town at the same time.

Last, but not least. Old one arm. He just thought I wouldn't post this picture. :)
He didn't do much rolling, but he bounced his way down the hill.

It was such an emotional visit. We rejoiced over Emma's salvation and the baptism of 3 believers this morning. Then later in the day, I felt so sad as we toured my grandparent's new apartment. They are in the process of moving to a retirement center. It's a very good thing for them, they need the help and my parents need the help, but it was so hard for me to see them finally admit that. I did take a really cute picture of them in their new digs, but I just couldn't post it tonight. Maybe later.

Regardless of the emotional highs and lows, God is faithful. He is constant. He doesn't change. He is God, even when it feels like everything around us is changing.


Meg said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend with family! What a great occasion for rejoicing!

I am so glad you had a good time and you are back home safely! The fun roller looks like so much fun!

We used to have a black toy poodle named Sparky, but before baby #3 came he bit daughter #2 (she was not giving him his space...) so we decided it may be better to have him go live with someone without children...he lives with my Mom and Dad now and has a, shall we say, charmed existence there =) He is treated as a child there, where we treated him more like a dog (a very loved dog, but a dog nonetheless!) We later sent our golden retreiver to them too because she just could not get over losing Sparky. She came here as a puppy and he had already been here, so life without him was too hard for her...She is much happier living with Sparky at Mom and Dad's than alone here.

Your dog looks a lot like Sparky. They are sweet little dogs.

Have a great day!

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh steph! That is so precious! I love this. A great weekend indeed!
Much love,

The Small Scribbler said...

OK, that picture of Paddington next to the Poodle made me laugh out loud. So did the picture of you in the Fun Roller.

What did you sing?

I'm still jealous that Emma's baptism was a family affair. Looking forward to that being the case when my kids are grown.

Glad you had a great weekend.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Kate, I laugh everytime I see those pictures. They are so funny.

I sang "Thirst No More", it was the song from the "Keepin' it Real" conference last Sept. I don't think you heard it, you were so busy during that conference!!! (And it was beautiful by the way!)

Anonymous said...

What a fun time you must have had! Tell Chloe and Emma I'm proud of them! That fun roller looked awesome. I think we may need to get one of those for our next slumber party! Those would be GREAT pictures! haha

I know what you mean when you say everything's changing and that you were an emotional roller coaster.What you said made me think of the song "You are God Alone". I can't sing that without getting choked up. "In the good times and bad He is on His throne. He is God alone"

Thank you for sharing your sweet stories and life with us!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

When I said "IT was beautiful in my response to Kate's question, I meant the conference. She and Amy did an incredible job of decorating. They are quite the dynamic duo!

Darla said...

AMEN! God does not change..but HE does sometimes make us laugh...I was looking at the pics of the round thing, and thought i would probably fly right out of that! Then I read that you did! I have done so many embarrassing laughter is the best medicine in all the changes.. have you read Teri's blog today...she also made me laugh today...thank you for being you..i really needed to laugh, and God provided it! Love you, me