Friday, July 20, 2007

Powerful Words

I know that most of you reading this read Beth Moore's blog. (How cool is it that she finds time to post?!!!) So you will recognize this as the DC Commissioning statement.

I have read it several times letting it sink in deeper each time. It seems as though God has pulled several of us together through "blogland". He has knit our hearts together. (No pun intended Meg!) There seems to be a recurring theme of wanting to be and do what God wants for us.

The day this was posted I was wavering. Was what I felt God was calling me to really God, or was I wanting to be used so bad I imagined it. Anybody else been there? God used this and another situation to confirm what He has planned for me, for this time.

I hope you are as encouraged as I was.

My Dear Sister,
The God of Glory
Has called you.
You have a ministry.
In Christ, you are enough for that ministry.
Never forget that showing God off is your ministry.
No matter what,
Keep your heart in your ministry.
Unveil your face
And serve others with authenticity.
Always remember
That the power is in God's Presence.
Let nothing
Come between you
And intimacy with God.
Keep moving forward
From glory to glory.
Let God thin that veil.
Remember, ministry is not about position.
It's about people.
Let name after name
Be written on your heart.
Do not seek great things for yourself,
Seek a great God.
As you leave this place,
Go in a fresh anointing.
He who turns water into wine
Turns wimps into warriors.
You have a ministry.
Go fulfill it.

Sweet sisters, I love you and thank God for your friendship!


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Can I relate? Most definately! I loved it too! She has a way with words.
Love you sister!

Kathy at Sumballo said...

Stephanie, that's a powerful commission. Beth has changed women's ministries from craft time/tearing- bandages-for-Africa time. She sends women out to serve God in confidence and effectiveness. Thanks for sharing that!

Meg said...

Turns wimps into warriors! Awesome. I love how Beth Moore loves God's Word and tries to inspire that deep love in the women she ministers to. It is awesome! Knits us together...tee hee! =)