Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The Monk&Neagle preview CD entitled "The Twenty-First Time" is here!!!!!! It came yesterday and has been playing ever since. Well not right now as the girls are watching a movie, but once it's over we'll be dancing around to "Into Orbit" again. Man I love that song.

Let me just say, this CD ROCKS. I've danced, I've cried, I've swooned, and I've been to the throne to worship. What else can you ask for. Their music has hit every emotion within me. It makes me want to get to that piano and write something.

Usually the only artist I get this excited about is Jim Brickman, but this duo is quickly climbing my chart of favorites. Now when I get my hands on Mandisa's new CD all of the above is subject to change.

That being said, it will take a lot to knock ol' Jim off my number 1 all time favorite spot. Just can't be done. And yes, my husband knows this about me. He's dealt with this obsession for years. :)

Thanks to Boomama for sweet talking Brian over at Provident Label Group to be so generous with the free CD's. To use my sista's Angela's new word, Boomama is blogtastic!


Meg said...

So glad you are enjoying it! I love worshipful music. I have never heard of Jim, however. What kind of songs does he do? Meg

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Hey Meg!

I'm going to do a post about Jim soon to introduce him to all of you who haven't heard of him. He's a pianist and is just incredible. Remember that song "Beautiful" a pop ballad a couple of years ago? He co-wrote that. If he's ever in your area, grab the hubby and go. His concerts are very romantic. I'm into all that mushy stuff! :)

He's also worked with alot of Christian artist. Michael W. Smith, Ginny Ownes..... I believe that he is a believer. Which to me makes his music all the better.

Amy said...

Love Monk& Neagle...thanks for the great listening tip!

Loved the post about Chloe's camp experience...I have a habit of trying to pick my kids' brains about stuff, too...they just LOVE it don't they ;)!

Love you,