Thursday, July 5, 2007


I was recently given some bad news about a person we care deeply for. It's horrible news. The kind that after I did a little Internet research on, I found myself in tears. I made my way to my closet floor, in prayer for this family.

This news made any hardship in my life seem like nothing. My mind is consumed with concern for this person. Not worry, but concern. I know the eternal destination of this friend. She is my sister in Christ. She is a strong woman. Much stronger than I am. A beautiful, strong woman.

In late January, right after Chad lost his job, we were with her. She shared some very personal things with us. This lady knows what it's like to hit the bottom and look up into the face of Jesus. I rejoice and take comfort in knowing she loves the Lord and depends only on Him.

In this situation that so breaks my heart, there is little earthly hope. There are few words that can speak comfort. There are no fancy self-help guides to enlighten the journey. And the neat thing about this special lady is that she wouldn't turn to those. She knows where her help comes from.

When I look at my girls, I think of her child. What will become of this life if and when she's gone? Will the example and truth our friend has lived, remind her that God is more than enough? Or will she run again? Will this be the one thing that causes her child to look up into the face of Jesus?

How will the example I set and the truth I believe impact my daughters after I'm gone? What will I leave them? What kind of spiritual heritage am I creating for them, for my grandchildren?

What is my legacy?

How precious this moment called life is. It is just a breath in comparison to eternity, but oh what a breath it is.

Thank you Jesus for hope when there seems to be none. Thank you for your Word that is life to our weary bones. As Isaiah says, give us ears that are ready and willing to listen to you, and give each of us an instructed tongue. Help us to always speak the things you would have us to say. In everyday life and in times of crisis. In Jesus name, Amen.


~Ang said...

I often wonder the same thing. What legacy am I leaving behind? I often think of Hannah and Samuel. She sure left a big bit of God on His little life in those precious 3 years. That amazes me.

I am praying for your friend!
Love you girl!

Anonymous said...
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Meg said...

I remember the day I realized that God would take care of my children and husband, that I did not have to worry about the what ifs.

My kids are His and I can trust Him to take care of them even if I am not the one to do it. It was humbling to me to think that He could choose anyone to care for these beautiful girls and He chose me. For this time in their lives anyway.

I will pray for your friend and for you. May God give you words of comfort and words that soothe.

Remember that God still heals! Ask for His healing touch. I will too.

Check out Spurgeon's morning devotional today...very timely to this.

ocean mommy said...

Thanks Meg that was an encouragment!

Thank you both for your prayers for our friend. We know that she will be healed, whether on this earth or the ultimate healing! We rest in that. Your prayers are precious to me, so thank you for lifting up this family whom you don't even know. Isn't this internet thing wonderful?!!!