Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cleaning Out

The past two days have been spent cleaning out a closet and re-organizing Emma's dresser. We've been here almost a year and I'm still getting things settled. As I cleaned out the closet under the stairs yesterday, I was amazed at the number of photo albums we have. There were 10 full of pictures, 4 empty and a large rubbermaid full of loose pictures waiting to be scrapbooked or placed into albums. Lots of memories, some good some not so good. Some were hilarious and others brought tears.

Today, we set out to clean Emma's dresser. I found crayons in her underwear drawer, a Sonic napkin in her middle drawer and 5 hair bows that have been missing for weeks in her bottom drawer. It was quite an adventure. As we sorted clothes and straightened up her dresser drawers, God reminded me that this is what He longs to do for us.

He wants to takes out the garbage, the things that have no business occupying space in our hearts and lives, and replace it with the things that He has picked out just for us. After all, He knit us together! He knows every little thing about each one of us. And you know what else, He has customized the ultimate designer wardrobe just for you. (For me too!)

He is just waiting to restore the tired, the worn out and the used. We have to be willing to let go of the old stuff, lay it down and put on the new. Sometimes that's easier said than done isn't it. I'm praying that today, I'll choose to walk around in the new designer duds, not the old stuff.

***My friend Kate had a similar thought today. When I read her post I had chills. This shouldn't post until Thursday night, but I thought it was so cool that God gave us similar themes around the same time.


Amy said...

Whoa...Isn't it cool how God works that way? And isn't cool and confirming to hear that He's speaking the same truths to His daughters who are LISTENING! There MUST be lots to mine here!

I think tomorrow will hold some closet-cleaning out for me...both kinds!!!

Love you bunches! Kiss those sweet little girl cheeks for me!

Meg said...

That is really a neat thought, Stephanie...I have read Kate's too and think about how cool it is the way God works and teaches and lays things on our hearts. Simple thoughts of everyday life relate to Him because He is ALL IN ALL. The thought of cleaning out a dresser or closet is really a great analogy...I'll be pondering this throughout the day today. Thanks for sharing it. Have a super weekend! Meg

Kate said...

How interesting...God must really want to get this message out!

As to finding unusual items in a kid's drawer, my "Faith" wins hands down. When we moved I cleaned out her top dresser drawer and found teeth, sticks, rocks, many bracelets, and chicken bones. Aren't you glad she doesn't live at your houses?


Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing. One of the benefits of parenthood is how God can use our kids' activities to teach us about our own hearts!

Darla said...

Princess Steph! Do your children act as if they are finding treasure as you are tossing things away?? Mine still do that to me!

But it really is a reminder to constantly look into the farthest places in ones heart to clean that out too...God is incredibly awesome to remind us!

You are beaufiul! Princess Darla