Monday, September 17, 2007

"Be Nice" Challenge Day 1

My friend Carol at Sheep to the Right has issued a challenge. Go check her out! She gives some ideas to be kind to unsuspecting individuals. Her examples are wonderful. I'm going to attempt to make a conscience effort to do this every day this week. Here Goes -

Monday, September 17 -

Well, this isn't anything I've done. It's how our morning started and what someone did to help us out. It's very post worthy.

We live in a new development. Part of that involves lots of construction debris in the road. Apparently last night on the way in from church, we picked up a fairly large screw/nail in one of our tires. I mean to tell you this baby was HUGE!! When Chad pulled out of the garage this morning, he quickly realized that tire was F.L.A.T.

I was busy getting breakfast cleaned up and the table set up for school. The girls were getting dressed and doing their morning chores upstairs when I heard him open the kitchen door and say, "hey, it's just me I'm back for a minute." I said okay and just kept on working. I noticed the girls were really quiet and that the area around our kitchen door (it leads into our garage) was noisy. I opened the door to see Chad and one of our neighbors changing a tire. The girls were quiet because they were huddled around Chloe's window watching all of this take place.

This neighbor lives up the street and we don't know him by name, just face. He was walking his dog. I think he was walking off steam as his car battery was dead this morning! He saw Chad getting ready to change our tire and knew that he was recovering from shoulder surgery and didn't really need to be doing that, so he jumped in to help.

That is kind isn't it! He could have kept on walking, but he stopped to help. He was our Good Samaritan today. So, on the plan for Tuesday, bake bread to take this family.

That's what I call a story worthy of the "Be Nice" Challenge. :)

Lord, show me when I can stop to help even when I may not feel like it. Thank you for taking care of this for Chad this morning.


Carol said...

How awesome! I love it! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the week. I was planning on blogging the whole thing at the end, but now I'm thinking daily sounds good, too. Hmmm...