Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leaving...Part 2

In my post here I mentioned that just a short time after I answered the Lord's question to me, we received word that Chad had been promoted and we were moving to Atlanta.

Understand, as a married couple we had never lived outside of Chattanooga. My parents are there, Chad's mother is there, and all our grandparents. To top it off, just 4 weeks before, my brother and sister-in-love announced they were pregnant with twins. This would be the first time we would get to be "in-town" Aunt Steffie and Uncle Chad. I didn't understand what God was doing. I said "YES Lord, you're enough", thinking He would allow me to continue ministry as soon as my Doctor gave me the okay to play again. Wrong, very wrong.

I was so happy for Chad, he had worked so hard for this. Truth be told he had been doing a lot of his "new" job without extra pay for about a year. This promotion was something he had been working for. I could not have been more proud of him. We put our house on the market and Chad began to commute to Atlanta. Our house sold quick. My parents were generous enough to let us live with them until school was out and construction on our new home complete.

Our women's ministry was busy during January and February of 2006. We were preparing for Lisa Whelchel to come and speak. During the planning stages the previous fall, my co-director and a couple of other people approached me about leading worship. I had prayed about it and felt like it was something God wanted so I agreed. That was before my "fall". Now in January, I really wasn't sure I was the woman for that job. I began to talk to the Lord about it, I had to be sure it was HIS plan for me to lead.

During that time of seeking His plan, I wrote "Speak To Me". I've posted before of how God used that song the weekend Lisa spoke. It was during that weekend that God confirmed in my heart that women's ministry was what I loved and was passionate about. I wanted to do what I was doing that weekend, every chance I could get! BUT, only if that was HIS plan. She encouraged us to be honest right then with God about our dreams. Just as I was ready to get on my knees and tell him that my dream was to lead women in worship, she asked us to come back and sing "Speak to Me" again. I will NEVER forget the look Amy P. gave me. We both had tears in our eyes and looked like deers in headlights! God was doing something big. We saw several women SAVED during this particular session! THAT is what it's all about girls!

front (l)Me(r)Haley back (l)Tiffani(r)Amy P.

So, June of 2006 we ended our time of service at our church in Chattanooga. They went out of their way to show us how much they loved us. I still have cards, letters and notes of encouragement that our choir and church members gave us. They were even able to pull a surprise party on us! I love those people so much. That night as we drove out of the parking lot, I lost it. Moving, saying goodbye, all hit me and I didn't want to leave. To make it worse I didn't want to go into a new church and sit. What in the world was God up to!!

To be continued Friday..........


Mommy's Heart said...

Thinking back I can't imagine how you felt! Tim and I talk often about moving, but I literally get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. Can't wait to hear the rest!

BTW I think that picture was taken at the "Keeping It Real" conference. I didn't sing with y'all at the Lisa Welchel one.

Carol said...

You're killing me! I can't wait until Friday! Thank you for sharing what God has done in your life. You can't know how your words have already spoken to me. I didn't get to talk to you at choir last night, but I'll share later.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

We've got to get together girl! YOU are such a blessing to me. BTW one of the altos I was sitting with last night got a kick out you breaking it down at the the beginning of "The Presence of the Lord is Here" last night. She said, "that woman really loves Jesus!" I said "I know her well and yes she does." (We were dancing too!)

You're right that was the "Keepin' it Real" conference last Sept. I have NO pictures from the Lisa weekend. Tiffani and Amy did sing with me at the Lisa conference and I love any chance to look at your beautiful face so I used that one!!!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Take little steps girl, you'll be fine:)


Jackie said...

Following God is never easy...but ALWAYS worth it. He knows SO much better than us- what is good for us and what will bring HIM glory. Take care sweetness.

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is such a beautiful pic!!! I cannot believe I have not seen that before-it is frame worthy! :)

I may have pics from Lisa-If I do I will email them to you-not to post but so you have them! Maybe there are others frame worthy! :)

Diann said...

I love learning more and more of your story!