Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busy Week

We are spending the week with my parents and helping to take care of my twin nieces. These girls are very fun. They are walking and trying so hard to make words. They are calling Chloe Coco, it's very cute, and just laugh at Emma. I'll have pictures once we get home and I'm on my computer. There is one of the babies discovering Chloe and Emma's belly buttons. It was so funny.

Thursday I'm having lunch with two blogging siesta's and real life friends. So I'm hoping that they'll let me snap a few photos while we're together!!!

Until this weekend, I'll probably be pretty hit and miss as far as posts go, but I'm really looking forward to catching up with all you sweet siesta's as soon as possible. I didn't realize how much I miss you!!!

Have a wonderful week!


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I cannot wait til Thursday! :)
I guess that means I need to fix my hair if we are having pictures! :)
Love you!

The Small Scribbler said...

Have fun! With the family and the siestas.


Amy Wyatt said...

I'm missing your insight and encouragment while you are away.
Have a good trip.

Carol said...

Missed you last night at choir! See you soon! Carol

jodi said...

Sounds fun! Have a great time and we'll "see you" again soon!