Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Surprise

I posted here a couple of weeks ago about my pouty childish attitude regarding Deeper Still, and what God had in store for me in place of this conference. And believe me, I may have said envy in this post, but I was pouting big time.

I wrote about how I read on the back of our choir newsletter about the Getty's coming to our church, and how much the words of "In Christ Alone" had ministered to me over the last year or so. Little did I realize just what God was going to do over the course of this weekend.

Saturday I had the honor of sitting in at the piano for our Christmas rehearsal. Completely last minute, but remember God doesn't call subs......
Anyway, I was just so pumped about playing parts for the ladies sectional that my excitement about the Getty's moved to the back of my mind. (Plus, I was sight reading most of the music and was just trying to get through it!)

After lunch, my dear sister in the Lord Joanne and I went into the chapel with the rest of our choir and orchestra to enjoy a brief time of worship with this amazing couple. Let me just tell you.....God is all over them! God used them to speak some things to my heart. One of which I've been praying for a while but they set those words to music and stirred my soul.

They spoke of something that I have been a victim of. Letting yourself become so involved in activity that you lose your wonder of God and the sacrifice Jesus made for you. I allowed that to happen a few years ago and found myself on a path straight into a pit. I was so caught up in all the stuff of ministry that my passion for Jesus faded. I was distracted by all the details that I couldn't see that I was slipping deeper into that pit. Praise the Lord he allowed a radical event to happen before I made some really bad choices. I'll share the story of this event later this week. I'm really just now in a place where I feel like God has given me the okay to talk about it.

The Getty's shared in our worship services yesterday and God once again radiated off of their faces. The words He birthed in their hearts are moving. I watched as our entire church engaged in worship. There was a unity there that was powerful. God was so present and I'm so thankful that HE allowed me to stay home this weekend. His ways really are higher than our ways and HIS thoughts higher than our thoughts.


Carol said...

Amen Sister! Jesus was up in Hebron Church yesterday. It was AWESOME! I was ready to fly on up. The Gettys were incredible! I've been listening to the cd all morning. :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

In Christ Alone is my alltime favorite praise song...It's already on my list of funeral music along with 3rd Day's Medley..:))

The Small Scribbler said...

How neat to be able to see a WHOLE church engaged in worship. And, to be able to I'm looking forward to your follow up story.


Jackie said...

IN Christ Alone is an incredible song....great words to live by daily!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Don't you just love being able to sit in and praise and worship with other is the most amazing thing in the world to close your eyes and picture every heart singing to Jesus!

Be Blessed:)


Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie, this is Jennifer from Florida! I was especially blessed by this post, because I have been right where you were describing....being so busy as an associate pastor's wife with ministry and all I'm supposed to do that prayer and real time with my heavenly Father just doesn't happen. And I wonder why it all seems in vain sometimes! I too have come to really love the song In Christ Alone. I have Travis Cottrell's version on cd. Psalm 62 has become one of my favorites as well as I read through and focus on all the "alones" in that passage. Bless you dear friend, God does always know best doesn't He!!!!!