Thursday, September 20, 2007

Saying Thanks

Over the past few weeks, I've felt this nudge to say "thank you" to a few special people in my life. Specifically to past Worship Pastors, or Music Ministers as they used to be called, and to a few special ladies. These are the people that impacted my life at critical points. God used each one in a different way at different times.

Earlier in the month I e-mailed my old Bible Study teacher. Today, I wrote to the first music pastor that gave me an opportunity to play. God used him to teach me some important concepts off worship. Mark was the first person, other than my parents, to show me that worship was more than reading lines from a hymnal or lyrics from a bulletin insert. (Of course today we say reading from the screen!) Mark showed me, by example, that worship was a lifestyle. It was to be a lavish outpouring of love for the Father who so lavishly loved us enough to send His perfect Son to die in our place.

So today I told him that. I shared with him what God has allowed me to do. I did it to encourage and to express my thanks for his example. He and his wife meant so much to our family. They are just precious and will always hold a special place in my heart.

I hope that it totally surprises him. When I think of this family, I thank God that He allowed me to serve under them.

So I challenge you today to thank those people who have been Spiritual leaders, examples, teachers ..... in your life. They may need a word of encouragement to spur them on!


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

This is great! I love the idea of it! I did this awhile back with some real good godly examples God put in my life that just by observing them I was moved and spurred on to follow Christ. But those who actually gave me a chance to do what I have been called to do I have totally forgot about!!! I will be doing this very soon as God leads!
Love it!

Leigh Gray said...

oh what a great way to spur on others to be thankful and to give thanks!!! you will be impacting those that your write and say thanks to more than they have ever touch your life. it is that give back received that is so huge!!! wow girl - you have spoken a Word today!!

thank you