Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Pictures....

Granddaddy and ZuZu didn't know what they were doing inviting all the grandkids at one time! We had so much fun just being together. The distance is especially hard after a visit like this. But, God has placed us in areas that are forcing us to grow, and giving us opportunities to serve Him in ways that we love.

This is Baily. I love this picture of her. It's hard to look at this and realize she's just 10. She looks so mature and beautiful!

Heritage. I look at all these pictures of my daughters and nieces and nephew and this is one word that comes to mind. Heritage.

Friday morning I woke earlier than everyone else. I snuck into the family room and turned on a small light and began to read the Word. I was craving some time with my Abba Daddy.

I was reading in Chapter 3 of Matthew. John(the Baptist) says in verse 9 "Don't just say - 'We're safe, we're the descendants of Abraham.' That proves nothing! God can change these stones into children of Abraham!" (new living translation) I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that my parents were so quick to teach us that our relationship with Jesus was to be personal. They were quick to instill in us that we couldn't ride their spiritual coat tails! We may reap blessings because of their obedience, but our personal relationship with Christ was just that PERSONAL! We had to admit our sin and our need for a Savior and invite JESUS to live in us.

Looking at our children in these pictures my heart rest in knowing that 4 of the six have that relationship with the Lord. We pray for the day that the other two enter that relationship! I pray that they will one day be able to look back and say "Thank you Lord for the heritage of our parents and uncle and aunt."

I long for them to experience the freedom and happiness that only comes from a day to day, minute to minute relationship with the Almighty Father! Life will be hard, but everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Even the hard days.Our God is faithful to keep every promise He makes. He promised He would never leave us. He will not forget us! His strong right hand is long enough to pull us back when we stray, and gentle enough to comfort us when we hurt. He is more than enough.


overcomer said...

Great pics! looks like a lot fun for all. Teaching them the "heritage in Christ"is huge!! It makes all the difference in how I make it through my day...focus. LOL my middle name today is "lack of focus"..read the new blog and take some time for comic relief! Love ya princess! Darla

Diann said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time! What a blessing that your family knows Christ in such an intimate way. How blessed we are to have families like that. It is everything.

Thanks for your prayers for us last week. It was really felt.

Carol said...

I loved all the pictures. How true that we must each choose our own personal relationship with Christ. Looks like you had a good time. Carol

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is so sweet! I love that song legacy by nicole nordeman. Was just listening to it today.
Love ya!

Patty said...

I loved all the pictures! I especially loved the one of your mom and her VOLS orange!! I am so glad you all had a great visit. :o)

Leigh Gray said...

Stephanie - thank you for your sweet comment and yes, please link to my blog - that would so t-totally kind of you!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

your kids are the most precious!!!!!! oh goodness!!!