Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're Home!!!!

We are home and everyone is completely wiped out. You know the kids are tired when they ask to go to bed early. God is good! :)

I had some really awesome moments with the Lord this week. He showed me quite a bit through my parents. They have so much on their plate right now and yet continue to serve the Lord with happy hearts. More on that later.....

Chad had an incredible week in Indiana. He said it was pretty awesome to experience a company wide Chapel service on Thursday morning led by the company President. He came home very excited about this company and thankful that God has allowed him to represent them.

These are a few of my favorite pictures from this week. I'll post some more later, but just had to share these.

Mom and Morgan (I think...could be Mia I can't tell!!)

Beautiful Lookout Mountain. I had the privilege of going to high school at the base of this mountain. It is beautiful. We took this picture on a lunch cruise down the river. I'll post more about that later in the week.

My Daddy and three of the five grandkids. That's our 3 year old nephew Colin between the girls. Dad was able to join us on Friday for a play day up on Signal Mountain at the Pumpkin Patch. There are some great pictures of him on the zip line that will show up later in the week.

This is how I remember my Dad. He is a NUT. I'm sure all of you who know him as a quiet, mild mannered, serious man are shocked. :)

There are five grandchildren on my side of the family. Friday they were all together at my parents. That is so rare!!!! Of course we tried to get pictures of all of them, but Colin was "over" having pictures made. So, here we have Chloe holding Mia, Emma holding Morgan and Colin in the background pouting. (He was watching for Uncle Chad to pull up in the driveway and obviously, Chad wasn't getting there fast enough!)

I hope your weekend is restful and your Sunday is filled worship and fellowship with other believers. I know that this week, I can not wait until our worship service. I'm anticipating HIM and long for Him to speak to me.



Leigh Gray said...

thanks for sharing the pictures!! oh so cute and beautfiul!! have a wonderful Sunday. Good to have you home!!


Amy Wyatt said...

Glad you are back and that you had a great trip. I am looking forward to reading all about it.

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Cute pics! I really enjoyed lunch!
Much love,

Carol said...

I'm glad you are back! Looks like you had fun. I love good times spend with family!

Mommy Dot Com said...

I am so sorry I missed you on this trip. I am sure Angela filled you in with the why's. Steph, I am praying for you. I believe His hand is on your life and that's what I would have spent my time saying if I could have made it. I'll email you info on the banquet this week.
Love you!