Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 3 of Be Nice Challenge

Well. After yesterday's sorta nice act. :) I started looking for and asking for God to show me ways to be kind to unsuspecting people today. Understand, I home school so most of my day is with my daughters. So I tried to be kind in different ways today like complimenting things they do everyday but often go overlooked by others. All you mom's out there know exactly what I'm talking about. I thanked them for doing such a great job making their beds, without pointing out the mess around the bed! It was hard, but I did it. By the way, when I went back upstairs a little later, one child who shall remain nameless, had picked up that mess and asked me what I thought of her room. Hmmmmmmm.....

Late this afternoon I received an e-mail from our church pianist. She wasn't feeling too great and asked if I could jump in and play for rehearsal tonight. I said sure, and since I'm filling in for her on Sunday it worked out great! I guess that could be my kind deed for someone today!

All of these acts have made me realize two things. First we take the kindness of people closest to us for granted. My girls are eager to help around the house and I don't thank them enough for that. They love to dust and vacuum and I'm happy to let them! Instead I should be thanking them for helping me out with happy hearts.

Second, I realized how many times people do kind things for me. Like the girls helping me with the household chores. Chad, cutting the grass with a bad shoulder. My friend P. bringing over music today so I could cram before tonight's rehearsal. My parents buying the girls clothes or shoes when they come in. My girlfriends, (siesta's in blog language) that God uses to encourage me and challenge me.

I'm going to use Thursday to only thank and praise my God for all He's done. Carol and Amanda have done this and I'm going to follow in their footsteps on this. He's worthy of ALL my praise.

Okay, I'm high on sinus/cold medication and I'm going to hit the bed early!!! Thank you sweet sisters for stopping by and reading! I've prayed for you today.



Carol said...

Good job! By the way, you were fantabulous on the piano tonight!

Jackie said...

keep on keeping on.... and I hope you are feeling better..having a cold is ROUGH, it just drains you!!