Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Be Nice Challenge Day 2 (Do I have to be nice?)

Today started off so well. Fall is in the air!! I let Paddington out this morning a little before 6:00 and the temp. on our back patio was in the 50's!! I had a great time in the word and then a brisk walk. I even managed a shower before everyone else got up.

The speaker for "Freedom's Call" shared with us on Saturday that she felt like the team needed to memorize Romans 12. So I've been reading that every morning and trying my best to retain a little more everyday.(So far, I feel like I've got sometimers disease! Sometimes I do really well, and sometimes I wonder if I've retained the first word!!!)

So this morning the Lord really spoke to me in verses 9 -16. Verse 10 says "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves." Verse 16 says "Live in harmony with one another." I quickly thought that these would be great verses to share with the girls this morning as we started school.

We had a great school day, everyone worked extra hard and there were kind words all around. Chloe is fighting cold/sinus problems, but she worked hard and little sister was quite helpful. I was taken by their kindness to each other.

Today was special for both of the girls. Emma received her yellow belt in Karate tonight! She worked very hard and did great in her test on Saturday. Chloe had an audition for our Christmas musical this afternoon at 4:00. She has spent hours preparing, praying and going over her lines a hundred different ways.

Before I go any further, you need to know that with the job loss earlier this year and starting a new business, we agreed that we would sell one car and "share" my car for a little while. Well, that pretty much means that the girls and I are home during the day without a car. I am not whining, it really has never been an issue and honestly it hasn't been to bad.

Until today.

As Chad leaves this morning, the last thing he says to me was "I'll be back at 3:45 to take you all to church. I'll drop you off and be back at 5:00 to see Emma get her belt." I said "Ok, see you at 3:45."

At 3:30 I haven't heard from him..... I don't call him because he told me he'd be here. Then I start feeling my stomach flutter. 3:40 he's not here and I'm still not too worried, he's got 5 minutes and we have different views on time management. I'm obsessive about tardiness It's unacceptable. If you make a commitment, do what you have to be there on time or don't make the commitment. He pushes things to the last minute.

3:45 not here. 3:50 I call his cell only and listen to his 2 1/2 minute greeting, finally hear that blessed beep, and leave a message. A very kind message considering I had 2 little girls with their face plastered to the front door looking for Daddy. (They are as obsessed with tardiness as I am.) One of which was very aware that she only had 10 minutes to her audition. Fortunately we live 3 minutes from church.

3:55 No Chad. I start calling to see if we can come in and audition at one of the later slots. I leave messages but I'm not real hopeful. Chloe bursts into tears realizing that she is late. We talk it through and she continues to weep. (This was an award winning sob session.) The whole time we're praying that nothing bad, like a dislocated shoulder, has happened.

4:05 No Chad, and NO CALL. I shoot him an e-mail telling him that I was trying to reschedule and that she was okay. And that I was sure he just caught up in a meeting or something and forgot.

4:10 NO Chad. Chloe and I calmly discuss that maybe God doesn't want her to audition. She thought that maybe this was His way of keeping her from doing something He didn't want her to do. Pretty cool for a 9 year old I thought.

4:25 No Chad

4:36 Yes 36, He calls my cell. Here is a little of the very one sided conversation.

Me: Yes

Chad: I am so sorry.

Me: Okay.

Chad: We got back from our meeting and I've just been covered up in all sorts of stuff I have to get done.

Me: Really.

Chad: How is Chloe?

Me: Okay now.

Chad: I'm sorry, I feel so bad.

Me: She's okay and we're trying to see if she can get in the later audition time.(what I wanted to say was YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD!!!)

Chad: I'll drop you all off for Karate and go downstairs and take care of it.

Me: Well, she is going to stay with me until you find out because I don't want her to be disappointed if they are full.

Chad: Okay. I'm sorry.

Me: (silence)

Chad: Are you there.

Me: I am.

Chad: I'm sorry, I'll be there in 5 minutes.

So, things worked out. Chloe was able to audition in the later spot and she said she felt pretty good about it. Emma got her yellow belt. The funny thing was, the entire time I could hear those passages from Romans in my head.

"Live in harmony with one another." "Honor one another above yourselves."

So here is what God asked me to do. Forgive and NOT speak my frustration to Chad. I know in my heart that this was an accident. Chad knows first hand what it's like to be let down and would never intentionally do that to our children.

I know that there have been tons of times that I have done things that make him crazy. It's part of being human. I guess it all falls under "for better, for worse, for keeps".

So, my kind deed for today? I'm going to let Chad sleep in our bed tonight instead of on the couch or the guest room! :)

And yes, Chad has read and approved this post.


Carol said...

I LOVE IT! You were so good. I'm not so sure I would have been as nice. Way to go! :) Carol

Todd & Diana Simpson said...

I am so glad things worked out for everyone!

The Small Scribbler said...

I'm thinking that you were VERY nice. Way nicer than I would have been. You're awesome!

Glad it all worked out! Hope we find out how Chloe does soon.