Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My friend Amy has tagged me. I'm supposed to share 6 quirky things about myself.
When I read this challenge out loud, Chad's comment was...just 6? I'll deal with that later.

Okay so here we go.

1. I burn popcorn on purpose. I LOVE it.

2. I drink flat coke. It probably doesn't bother me to drink a flat soft drink because my Grandmother and Mother would water down our soft drinks when we were kids.

3. I'm completely obsessed with being on time. Well, truth be told, I HAVE to be 5 minutes early.

4. I have this "thing" about the silverware in the dishwasher. It must be sorted. What others in this household don't understand is that when you keep things sorted, it helps speed up the process of putting things away once they are clean! (I have reason to believe the only human male in this house has, on occasion, mixed the salad forks with the spoons. Clearly we have conflict in this area.)

5. This is one NO ONE knows. Well, the sound guys at our Chattanooga church probably do, but I can't say for sure. When I play the piano, I talk to myself. Most of the time speaking scripture, or praying. BUT, I have been known to give myself a little pep talk in the middle of a song. I really try to keep this in my mind, but occasionally my lips move....Yes, I know there are places designed to help people like me. And just for the record, I don't answer my own questions.

6. Two words.....Jim.Brickman. nothing else needs to be said.

I'm tagging: Lindsay @ TWINSx2, Angela @ Refresh my Soul and Jodi @Fruit Inspection


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl you are too funny! Thanks for the tag. I just did this from a tag from Lauren at faith fuel! Loved reading those things.
Much love,
BTW-You get the email about us coming to ATL?

jodi said...

I am totally with you on #3. Actually to me, to be on time is to be late! :)

Thanks for the tag! I'll try to have mine up soon!!!

Carol said...

This was hilarious! You sound as detail oriented as me! I love you for that! I've never even thought about sorting the silverware in the dishwasher. Oh, now I'm going to be doing that!

Fran said...

I still love ya despite your weirdness! :) You know I'm totally kidding. Love ya even more.

Have a wonderful weekend Stephanie.
I'm still just skipping over your grandmother. I mean I could just skip through the house right now!


Bev Brandon said...

sorting silverware...i finally gave up but when my kids all went off to college, hey---i could sort silverware again cause the culprits were in college...well, they've all graduated and one is back home for a couple of months---back to giving up sorting stuff...not a fight I want to pick...isn't it funny what quirks we think will bring order, etc. waiting til he leaves to sort again...thought you might understand :) whew, so glad to get that off my chest

Shari said...

Very brave to tell your 6 quirky things on the Internet. I don't think being 5 minutes early is quirky - everyone is suppose to do that. Right?