Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rib Busters

Do you ever have moments when God reveals something to you and you feel like your going to explode? I call them rib busters.

Can I just tell you about the one I had today? You may want to grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back, I have no idea how long this is going to take.

Okay. Yesterday, Wednesday, I watched Beth Moore on Life Today. She was continuing the series on the power of words. Very awesome, go on line and watch it if you missed it. Okay, she said at one point that sometimes we need to say out loud, "Lord, I know that you love me". The more I thought about that, the more it settled deep in my bones. I started saying it out loud.

Later that afternoon the opportunity for some uninterrupted prayer time came up. I started off my prayer time with that statement and then went on to talk to the Lord about an area where we need a miracle. I was pretty much questioning why it felt like He wasn't doing know, pouting with a spiritual twist. I ended my prayer time without a new revelation on this situation, no lighting bolt moment just a simple impression to say again out loud, "Lord,I know that you love me."

This morning in my David 90 days study,(by the Beth) She writes "Jonathan understood God's response to be based on sovereignty, not weakness." Oh. My. Goodness. I read it again, then again. God hit me between the eyes and knocked me into next week.

You see, I have not seen a miracle or deliverance in that particular area. While I would never dare speak these words out loud before, (I can hardly believe I'm going to admit it here. I sure hope you come back and visit after you read this!) in the back of mind I felt like God wasn't big enough to handle it. My heart, and my stomach ached. How in the world could I have believed that lie?

I know that He is working out details that I may not fully understand until Heaven and then I'm not going to care!! Anyway, this girl had to ask for some forgiveness on that one.

We had a moment this morning like you wouldn't believe. This evening there has been no resolve to this particular situation, BUT.......

I know that God is sovereign. He tells me over and over in His word that His plans are good and I know from my past that I can trust Him. So today, I've walked around saying, "Lord, I know that you love me. I know that you are going to work this situation out. I will give you glory in the hard times and in the good times."

I was saying this over and over as I was cooking lunch, when the words to an old chorus popped into my head. You know it, "Oh how He loves you and me". I don't remember the last time I sang or heard it. Those lyrics just touched a chord in me and have had me floating all afternoon.

THEN..... and this is the part that just gave me a holy fit and triggered the "RIB BUSTER". My friend Debbie organizes the music and plays for our mid week worship service (I have the honor of singing with an incredible team of people at this each week.) Okay, so she e-mails us the words for next week late this afternoon. I open it up and guess what song is on the menu?!!! Yep, "Oh How He Loves You and Me". Right before "The Potter's Hand", another one my theme songs right now!

Oh yes it is.

I mean to tell you, I just about shouted.

Now, is that just like Him or what?

While I am still praying for God to move in this particular situation, I can tell you with my whole heart that I believe He's working it out even know, even though I don't see it. I trust His sovereignty.


Fran said...

Well, my, my, my!! He just blew us both away!! I love it when He shows up in that GREAT BIG GLORIOUS IN YOUR FACE kind of way!!

I praise Him with you! I know He'll come through in this situation....when the time is oh so perfect. He is so faithful.

Love ya~

The Small Scribbler said...

This is such a good post. Too often, when we write it's about something all done, settled, worked through, all wrapped up. But real life doesn't work like that and you have captured well God's faithfulness in the midst of things.


BethAnne said...

God is good like that. It never fails when I am worried or really praying about something He brings it up 50 different times in 50 different ways. And I praise Him for that because, girl, I am a slow learner!

Jess said...

I just love when He gives us those 'little' reminders that He is there, and is listening and cares more than we could ever believe. I only wish I could be there when you praise Him with that song!! Gives me chills!
I started a little 'Ebenezer journal' a while back, of just all things that show me along the way, that He's there. I was amazed at how much 'piled up' in there and now it continues to serve as a faith lifter in those times where I feel distant and left to my own devices.
Hang in there in your 'fight'!


Carol said...

This was great, Steph. I am so right there with you. Remember Colin's new coat? I am still waiting on God in an area that is quite frustrating. I do believe God is sovereign. I need to take time to evaluate how I've been viewing Him. Thanks for this insight.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl I just love how God does that. He is awesome and sovereign. What a great privledge to be so loved by God.

Much love,

Jess said...

I've just got to share a little f.y.i. 'update' of sorts from this post.
After being so blessed by this message last night, I went on into work this morning and I'll give you one guess as to what was on the little local Christian radio station first thing when I walked through the door! "Oh, how He loves you and me"! Isn't that funny!?! I have never noticed it on there before in all the times we've listened to it. Now tell me He's not into every little intricate detail of our lives. :)

Shari said...

What a wonderful Rib Buster. Your post gave me chills. Very inspiring. I didn't know that I could listen to Beth Moore online. This is good to know.