Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Old Year, New Year

Happy New Year! I can honestly say that this is one New Year I couldn't wait to see! Well, sort of.

2007 was the hardest of my 33 years. The first week of 2007 Chad lost his job, and I was in bed with the flu. Needless to say, our year had a rough start and it felt like our life was turned upside down. I questioned God, yelled at God, questioned some more, and then I finally shut up and listened. It's amazing what happens when I do that. :)

God had to take me to the lowest of lows to burn into my heart that HE is all I need. I believed Him and His word. I trusted that He would supply all my needs and would never leave me. But For whatever reason, He had to show me just how literal He was about that!

This year we have literally prayed, "Give us this day our daily bread" and He has. We've never had an empty pantry or fridge. God reminded us that He really is the only one we can rely on. When everyone else was gone, He was there. When we felt like strangers in this town, He was there. He took us to places we have never been and showed us things we could only imagine.

Our hearts have forever been changed and we look at others through different eyes. I think I can speak for Chad when I say that we feel deeper and more passionately about helping others in similar situations.

If God gave me the ability to erase 2007 and start over without the job loss, I wouldn't change a thing. If I changed 2007, I would miss a year of learning more about my God. If I changed things, I wouldn't be able to say I know when my God says I will provide, He really will.

It's all part of His plan for our lives. He has thought out every detail of our lives. Every day, every minute, every second! That totally blows my mind. The God of the Universe has thought out my life. Oh how can we not love Him more everyday?

So in this new year, I want to share as often as possible just how faithful HE is. I want to be found worthy to do whatever it is HE purposed for me to do. I want HIS name to be lifted up and HIS glory seen in me. It's all about Him, and I want to be properly positioned so that only He is seen. This year I'm asking Him to move all of "me" out of the way so only He is seen. Whatever it takes....

I pray that your 2008 is blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

One more thing.....VOLS ARE UP 21 to 7!!!! Glory be!


DeAnna said...

Isn't it amazing what He will do when we take Him at His word?! I've been there myself and He provided EVERYTHING that was needed. Thanks to the economy, it looks like this will be another one of those years of faithfully praying for provision.

Leah said...


I hope you have an awesome 2008. Thanks for your faithfulness to love Him in 2008 despite the hardships.


Fran said...

Remember the beautiful old hymn, "Trust and Obey?" Well, that can be it in a nutshell huh?!

I pray for you too, Stephanie, that 2008 is year full of Him, His presence, and your heart seeking Him with all that you have!

Keep your eyes on Jesus my friend.
Much love,

Lindsee said...

Hi Ocean Mommy!

I see you all over the place, but decided to hop over and see what you have to say! Your blog is just delightful. I plan to stop by more often to get to know you better.

Happy New Year. I love how you believe our God!


darla said...

I have learned these same lessons and would not change a thing either..like praying literally for our daily bread..and watching money appear hours before the bank repossess my car..hubs was hurt, and we had no income...it was amazing how we were so aware of how close to us HE was, and is..and HE does move heaven and earth just for us!

Hey Girl, you would have died laughing at me after your comment on mercy..I was so excited about it, I thought you had the whole thing worked out, and was ready to email and say "DO TELL"..and hubs read it, and said Baby you better just read it again...LOL

Anonymous said...


That seems to be the theme for me also as I look back over 2007 - He's been faithful. Praise Gid, even when I am not! It's such a privilege to serve Him.

Happy New Year,


darla said...

Girl, you so make me smile! Love ya so much!