Friday, January 4, 2008

Much to say about....

nothing. Well, this is one time I'm stumped for words. Just stumped. I have had several things that I think...Oh that would make a great blog post... but I can't think of one right now to save my life. I guess it's that post holiday ick. Don't you love my terminology?

This week has been a good week, everyone is happy and healthy. I was so glad that our weekly choir practice resumed Wednesday. ( I LOVE choir practice and would go every night if asked to. I know, I'm weird) I was even able to enjoy a little Starbucks visit with a girlfriend afterwards. It was a good night indeed.

I will let you in on a little secret. This morning, I cut my hair. Well, I didn't cut it a highly trained professional did, but you know what I mean. To understand the significance of this you must understand that I have not been happy with my hair since I was about nine years old. That was when my long California blond hair was butchered. My hair hasn't been the same since. Clearly I have issues.

Anyway... I have been letting it grow since we moved, just having it trimmed on occasion. But like so many people, it's a new year and I got the bug for a new look.

I went in this morning and said "Okay, what do you think?"

She said "Posh Spice".

I said "So tell me what you want. What you really really want..."

She said, "I told you that last time I cut your hair that THIS is the cut you will love."

I said, "Just don't shave my head."

I sat there with my back to the mirror for 45 minutes. And then.....

I cried. I LOVE THIS HAIRCUT. She wasn't real sure what to say when I said, "R, You are awesome." She kind of smiled, and asked if I really liked it.

I had such a good relationship with my hairdresser in Chattanooga. She is a Christian, in fact she and her husband were our Sunday School teachers for a while. When I would get my hair cut, we would talk about what God was doing in our lives and how we could pray for each other.

When I started going to R here in the metropolis of Dacula, I realized how much I missed Laura. I'm so thankful God brought women into my life like Laura and Bekita. They challenged me to go a little deeper. It was easy to "hang" with them because they ignited my faith! Their zeal and love for the Lord was and is contagious.

God convicted my heart this morning as I drove to my appointment that I needed to make more of an effort to share Him with R today. I asked Him to take over and move my mouth for me.

R opened up a little with me, she is very guarded. As I left her this morning, I said, "I'll be praying and thinking about your mom." (she's in the hospital right now.) She looked at me with the strangest expression on her face and just said thank you.

I'm not sure if she will ever let her guard down with me. I'm just praying that God will continue to give me opportunities to show Him to her. And with the way my hair grows, I'll see her every 5 weeks for a trim. :)

I'm glad God impressed her on my heart before I got there. It focused our conversation and I feel like I joined His plan for me today. Does that make sense? It would have been really easy to just veg out and read a magazine while she did my hair, but that wasn't what HE wanted me to do. I walked out feeling great about my new do, but I felt even better about participating in God's plan for me today.

How many times do we miss a blessing because we don't slow down enough to ask God "what do you want me to do today?" I know for me, I've missed more than I want to admit. My goal for the next little while is to ask HIM every morning, "What do you want me to do today?", and then do it.

Maybe then I'll have some cool posts to share with you!


Carol said...

Um, HELLO? Can you say picture??? Where is the picture of this new do? Am I going to have to wait until Sunday? The suspense is killing me. Did you say California Blonde??? I love it when you are walking right where God has planned for you.

Leigh Gray said...

exactly - where is the picture!!!!!!!!!! we have to see!!! come on!!!!

can't wait to se!! Leigh

Earen said...

Have to agree with your other comments...PICTURE? I'd love to see this darling new hair cut! I LOVE getting my hair done. I love when God just opens the door right before me and gives me an opportunity to share Christ. I'm proud of you for taking the time to love "R" enough to share this amazing gift you've been given. And for taking the boldness to do so. You're right, sometimes we don't see the opportunities or sometimes we do but we don't seize the moment. You planted a seed in her heart today & you never know what she might be thinking about tonight. Can't wait to see the new do!

CrownLaidDown said...

I want to see a picture, too!

I saw your comment on Amanda's and thought, "Oh good! Maybe she took a picture!!"

Can't wait!!
Blessings Siesta!

BethAnne said...

God can use us even in the hair dresser's chair, huh?
Like everyone else, I think it is terrible that you didnt post a picture of your new hairdo. Now, get in that bathroom and fix it - then post a picture of it! hahhahahahaha - no really, I mean it! :-)

Leah said...

Umm, so where's picture of the new do??? Glad you liked the do. I love to get a haircut. It just makes you feel all relaxed and refreshed.

Let's see the picture.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl I love it! Yes a good flat iron is a must have for any straight do. Unless if you are blessed with naturally straight hair! I am proud of you and your obedience to Him with your hairdresser. You never know how God has ordained this. It is no accident you are here now. It is time for you to be what those other ladies were for you to someone else like R. How exciting is that! Go God! Praying for you and R.
Much love,
Cannot wait to hear-I pray that often too-okay Lord what is it you want me to do today.