Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's my electric personality

Or maybe not.

I have managed to blow up my second "appliance" of the weekend. This time, I just about set my soul afire. LITERALLY.

This new hairdo require the use of my flat iron. Earlier in the week, I noticed that if the chord wasn't just right, it wouldn't stay on. WELL....

This morning, I was holding the thing in place talking to Chad when I felt my fingers getting hot. Then I heard a pop pop pop, looked down and saw blue and red sparks. Did I mention that I was holding this level with my stomach? And since I was talking, I had gradually brought it closer and closer until it was touching my shirt. (Even with my belly button)

Needless to say, I have a little burn mark on my belly and now I'm down TWO MUCH NEEDED appliances.

Target is going to love me come Monday..

Oh and to top it off, our church pianist called me this afternoon. She's very sick and asked me to cover for her tomorrow. You know what that means?

I get to play with curly, frizzy hair.

I wonder if I can pay the camera guy to keep that thing pointed the other direction? Hmmmmm, I've got extra chocolate chip cookies, maybe a bag of those will do the trick...


Carol said...

I'm sure you'll look beautiful no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember, it was so funny all I remember is your scream. Here's Your speech:)
" Did You see you see that it was a spark aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"
It was as funny as when when emma talked about her "issues" I didn't laugh.


Amy Wyatt said...

You will look great! I've been meaning to tell you that I love your new haircut. I also loved the "issues" comment. I have an electrical charge when it comes to computers. Everytime I go near it almost it stops working. I'm surprised I've been able to blog as much as I have without crashing the computer.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

OH my goodness! Two appliances in one weekend! Girl, that is crazy. I am so sorry to hear and sorry you got burned! I hope you had fun playing today!

Now I hope mixers and flat irons are on sale-let me know if they are because that would just be awesome! :)
Love ya!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Hey girl I got a surprise for you at my blog!
Much love,

Heather C said...

LOL... it's not been your weekend for appliances, eh? Shall we call you Stephie the ToolWoman? :) Enjoy the excuse to shop for new stuff... and I'm sure worship was a blessing, frizzy hair and all. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

I went through a "stage" not too long ago where everything I touched was shorting out. I decided not to have contact for a short time with any big appliances, which was a good excuse not to do any laundry or dishes:) Hang in there. It gets better.



Natalie said...

So, do you have naturally curly hair. Girl, I do! Luckily it curls well enough that the frizz stays at bay unless it's really humid! :)