Thursday, January 17, 2008

Proverbs 31 Entry

Just so you know, the final post of my worship journal(part 5) is here, just scroll on down. After the nudge of a couple of friends, I've submitted part 2 into the Proverbs 31 article contest. I can not believe I just typed that.

Have a blessed weekend, "see" you Monday!



Kristin said...

Hi Stephanie. I've been away from blogging for awhile, but have just gotten caught up with you. These journal entries were so amazing and said so much that made me think. I've sort of been in a funk lately and I think the thing that stood at the most to me is that ALL of my life is an act of worship to God (laundry, bills, ect.) Wow that can really change my perspective. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Fran said...

You go girl! I truly cannot articulate through this dern computer how much you have blessed me through your story.

This was HUGE Stephanie. It was huge for you at the time and I'm sure it still is. But, each piece of what you wrote about is sinking deeper into my heart and i'm dealing with stuff now.

Thats a good thing. I just wrote on Bev's blog something big for me right now....and, i'm scared to death....but,

Break me Jesus. Break my will. I want to be more like you!

Big hugs and love~

Heather C said...

How exciting! I think that was a wonderful idea... so I'm thankful you were nudged! I have so enjoyed these worship journal entries. Thank God for your wisdom, and for prompting you to share it with us!


jenmom said...

Yeah! I am so glad you entered. I get the Proverbs 31 sent to my email daily and when they started that whole discussion you are the first person that popped into my mind and heart. Best blessings!

Jess said...


Just came across your comment on LPM and saw that you are just down the road in Dacula. (I live in Covington and work in Social Circle.) So, checked out your blog and 'wow'. I can't wait to read more!


darla said...

Hey girl I so much identified and was enlightened by your worship journals, that I sent HUBS over to if you get comments from Scott Praise365 you will know who that is! Love you and thanks for your prayers they mean the world to me!