Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What A Day

The girls and I have spent today doing something we normally don't do. We had the t.v. on most ALL day. We brought a few of our textbooks downstairs and worked in them, but for the most part we watched the Inauguration activities and ceremony. I wanted them to see this historical day.

We talked quite a bit the pomp and tradition and how incredible our country is. But the one thing we spent the most time talking about was how important it is to respect those in authority. How it is very important to pray that they will have hearts and ears that listen to God.

Since my girls are the same ages as the President's daughters, they of course were watching them carefully. They loved their outfits and talked about how hard it would be to have everyone watch their every move. But also how cool it would be to live in the White House.

When Rick Warren gave that prayer...I kind of got tickled at all the "amens" and "that's right" coming out of my little girls mouths! At one point, Chloe said something to the effect of mom he is praying scripture! HE IS SAYING THE WORD OF GOD IN FRONT OF THE WORLD!!! It was exciting to me to see that she caught on to that!

They got tickled at the "Queen of Soul's" hat. Emma thought it was a little to much. (And you know Emma...she is all about a good accessory!) They loved to hear her sing. :)

Chloe came up out of the chair she was in when they said "John Williams" had written a special piece...John Williams is our worship pastor.

Over all they loved the entire ceremony...except for the....


Here are their comments on the poem:

"Why does she pause after each word...it's so choppy I feel like we are in the car and you are slamming on the brakes."

"Mom, if we wrote something like that for school you would give us a "D" for DULL!"

"Did they ask her to do this last night or something?"

I don't think anything else needs to be said! I explained that she had poured her heart into that poem and it was special to her...please don't make fun of her work.

They laughed at me.

Okay, enough about our day....my family will be home from karate in 15 minutes and I need to finish dinner! No time to proof read!!!

Hugs to you!


Leah said...

What a great lesson in American government for your girls!

Have a great week!


Heather said...

This is so funny! Your girls are so precious! So glad you had a great weekend and a memorable day today! Hope dinner turned out great!!

beckyjomama said...

I have to agree on the poem ... and Aretha's hat :) What a great history lesson!

Heather C said...

They will always remember this day. Good for you! I chuckled at their reaction to the poem. I haven't seen it yet (had to work today and was lucky to catch the swearing in on streaming audio). Thanks for a glimpse into this special day for you. :)

Melinda said...

What an awesome job you are doing with your girls, that they would pick up on all that! Oh, and by the way, I'm TOTALLY WITH THEM on the poem!!

Hugs (until the real deal!),

P.S. Praise God for the retreat (I'm getting caught up over here) and I'm praying for you in general, per facebook. XO

Fran said...

How precious is that? They totally crack me up. And so stinkin cute too. Give them a hug and tell them their favorite invisible friend is coming sooooon!