Friday, January 2, 2009


Have you recovered? We are finally getting back to normal around here. The girls and I took the tree down today and Chad, bless his heart, carried all the Christmas bins up to the attic. I think he had the hardest part of it all. With the tree down, I got the itch to rearrange our family room. So we did and I love it. I need to purchase a few new candles and it will be finished...for now.. :)

I found my Whispers of Hope daily planner today!!! You don't know what a blessing that is. I bought this planner in San Antonio and have used it for all my stuff, well I USED it until I misplaced it sometime in November. Anyway, I found it today. My heart is happy. I have filled in all my important dates for January and's busy.

Remember the "doing" thing I told you about in my last post...

I have been waiting for this January for several months! I have the honor of leading worship for women's retreat over in the Memphis area in a couple of weekends. I'm going solo on this and as usual the enemy is attempting to do a number on me. Bronchitis, fear of being on that stage alone, and my personal favorite...what in the world are you going to wear? Yes...I'm serious on that last one. But God once again showed up today as I had $30 in Kohl's cash to use before Saturday. We hit Kohl's, (where God showed up in the Vera Wang section last month) and I found not one, but TWO pair of petite length pants in my size (that I will not tell you!) ON SALE, PLUS a sweater. With my Kohl's cash...I paid next to nothing. So take that you sly God is bigger than you...

Back to the seriousness....

For several weeks I felt the urgency to write something original for these ladies I will worship and study with. I had 3 words. I am not kidding you...3 words. I'm all about being intentional in what you speak or sing..but 3 words!?!?!?

After calling in some prayer support, and locking myself in the guest/music/office room..God gave me a few more words and I'm looking forward (and a little nervous) to share this new song with these ladies.

I tell you this to ask you to pray if you think about it...pray for the weekend of the 16th. I feel an extra tug on my heart to pray for the women of this church who want to go, but can't financially see how it will happen..would you join me in praying that God would make a way for those ladies?

This Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Freedom's Call has the awesome opportunity to sit under the teaching of Bruce Wilkinson. Our Bible teacher Jill works for Bruce and they are in Atlanta this week for a conference. "You Were Born For This" is the theme and can I just tell you that I am pumped about this! I'm sure there will be several blog posts over the next few days about this subject. (That has been a a theme that has popped up in my quiet time and other places for about 3 months.)'s almost 9:00 here..that means it is time for my lovely meds again. Nothing says "H.O.T." like an inhaler and cough medicine. :)


Heather C said...

Aaaaaaw... hope the inhaler and cough medicine does the trick for you and you sleep beautifully tonight!

The conference sounds exciting! And I'll be praying for the event you're leading worship at as well (and the women who are struggling to afford to go). Would you share the lyrics of the new song with us after you've blessed the ladies with it? I'd love to "hear" them!



Cindy said...

Stephanie, it would be an honor for me to pray for you and for every aspect of the women's retreat.

Lifting you up,


Haley said...

I'll be praying! Can't wait to hear or read your new song! Love you!

Dionna said...

You were born for this sounds like a great subject to teach on. Wow - wish I could hear too. Soak it in.

Melinda said...

I'll be praying, friend, as I know how God shows up at those conferences! He will do amazing things in and through you - count on it!

Big hugs as you fall blissfully under the spell of cough meds...:o)


Holly said...

Praying in advance for you, for your voice. I used to have chronic bronchitis in E. Texas. The best thing for it was to NOT clear my throat, but to drink some tea with lemon and honey. It seemed to help.

Here in Colorado, I get a dry cough and need to steam a good bit. After weeks of a cold, I finally have my voice back to sing!

Praying you will have EVERYTHING you need to lead.

Bev Brandon said...

Psalm 81:10 - you will open your mouth and HE will fill it with Himself as you lead that retreat you sweet thing. Now if I quoted the wrong ref which I did with The Preachers Wife and told her she was going on a trip or something like that, just let me know. I'm sick over here with a vicious cold and a little woozy on benadryl and sniffing Puffs with Vicks all day. And I can't stand Vicks. I came by to say Happy new Year and what a joy it has been to meet so surprised me at the SF in SA or should I say God so surprised me as I felt so connected to you and so touched by your humble life. Sure do love you! Love, Bev

Leah said...


What an awesome opportunity!! I will certainly be praying for you and for the women who attend the retreat!! Don't you just love ministering to women!!

I know you will do a fantastic job as you allow the HOly Spirit to lead through you!!


Three Fold Cord said...

Yep we are getting back over here as well. We ended up staying home for three days and I finally told Larry yesterday please take me out to diner I need to get out of this house. Attic trips were taken and one more will follow. Tree is down and I am looking forward to a relaxing day today and some good fellowship with friends tonight.

BethAnne said...

Isnt it about time for that bronchitis to be over with??? Seems like you have been sick foreva!
I am praying for those ladies....and I am anxious to hear those three about a little video of your song??? Is that really too much to ask? I think not. ;-)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl I am so excited for you! You are in my prayers. I am praying in agreement with the other things as well. May God be greatly lifted up and glorified. And most of all just rest in Him and enjoy Him.
Much love,

Fran said...

You are such a mess!! And, I love ya!! You know I'm praying for you. Call me if you want and I'll pray with ya over the phone while you are on your way.

Feel better soon. I'll see you later this month!!!


Teresa said...

HELLOOO! the Memphis area?! Where? Can you share the details with
(I'm Fran's friend)...I want to hear this song in person!
I will be praying for you...

Christina said...

I pray that all goes well as it should. Have fun and enjoy the conference. I'll be the new song will turn out awesome.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Love that He brought a good deal at Kohls! God is in the business of miracles and being personal in my own life too! I am so excited you get to lead others into His presence!! Go girl and bring him some GLORY!! Get filled up under Bruce and revell in God's love for you in 2009. It's gonna be good.

Heather said...

Steph- Thank you for sharing this and I will be praying for your weekend! I know you will be so AWESOME, because He is AWESOME through you! (And yes, I used AWESOME on purpose!!!)
I have had God meet me in the Vera Wang section of Kohl's, too! :)