Sunday, January 18, 2009

Giving God a Hand Clap

Thank you thank you thank you for praying for me this weekend! The retreat was absolutely incredible. The group was smaller than the leadership team had hoped for, but it was their very first retreat and those 30 ladies went home full and excited about God invading their lives, homes and women's ministry. It really was a neat thing to be part of. Thanks Michelle and leadership team for allowing me the honor to be part of your retreat. YOU ministered to me.

The speaker, R. was powerful. I was just so encouraged and challenged by really was a joy to serve with her. She is real and passionate about getting into the Word. "Grace" was the topic of the weekend, she did a beautiful job. When she stood to speak, you saw Jesus on her. When a session would end, I was left wanting more! Thank you R. for pouring yourself this weekend. I pray we get to serve together again..

God deserves a standing ovation, He was SO present. It was so powerful to watch walls come down and the Holy Spirit minister to some hurting hearts... are some photos from the weekend!

SO COLD!!! These two were going up Monteagle Mountain..

Isn't this the cutest little thing!

At some point, the church that I was serving, got the idea that Chad was a Dr. This is what we found in our room:

Before we got there, I had told the director that he was not a Dr. and that we had had a good laugh over that one. (When Chad first went off to college he was headed down the road to med school, then realized that he couldn't tolerate the amount of blood he would be forced to deal with, and SMELLS, he has this thing about he changed his major.)

Friday night...telling the story about ripping the hem out of my pants on Thursday and using safety pins to keep myself together...It seemed like LOTS of us had stuff happen to us last week. All wouldn't be long before we realized why. God had quite a weekend planned!

R. speaking on Friday night.

Sometime Saturday...from the way I look probably late in the PM!


Isn't that the most beautiful thing! Thrills my heart....

One of the leadership team giving us very generous gift certificates for a weekend get-away with our husbands.

I have to say thank you to my man. I would not do these sort of events without his blessing, but I COULD NOT do them without him. He turns into my driver, my agent, my sound guy. He reminds me to eat, brushes the lint off of my jacket and gives me the pep talk when I'm 10 minutes from being "on" and I get that "I can't do this, I think I'm going to throw up" look on my face...but most importantly he's my prayer warrior. There is just something about seeing him in the back of the room. Thanks Chadwick for being there for me...I love you.


The Small Scribbler said...

Love the photo of Chad in the rearview mirror. Glad it was a good weekend.


Patty said...

Praise God for a wonderful and blessed weekend. I will refer to Chad this weekend as Dr. Chad. ;)

You two are just too cute!!

As for saying a "dish" of ice cream, I honestly don't know why I typed that because I usually say bowl of ice cream. I guess some deep southern something came forward with that. LOL

Can't wait to see you in a few days!! A few days!!!

Love you,

Leah said...

I was praying like mad for you!! Even as I walked around the Mall of Ga on Saturday I was praying for you. Glad it went well.

I'm speaking this Saturday night in Florida at Amelia Baptist Church. Would appreciate your prayers so much!!

Fran said...

I did clap for God. That was awesome Stephanie!! And, I can't wait to meet Chadwich in person. ;)

Have a wonderful, blessed day.
Much love,

Three Fold Cord said...

WHat joy it brought His heart to see you doing the things He has prepared in advance for you to do-Eph 2.

I love it that you used the story about the hem!
Counting down the days when I get to hug you in person!

BethAnne said...

YAY for God and YAY for Chad! Glad you had an awesome retreat.....oh and can I have that brown coat when you are done with it????

Heather C said...

*tears* What a blessed weekend, and marriage. :) Thansk for sharing! That's so cool! Go, God!!

Carol said...

Sounds like an incredible weekend! I love it! And God bless that man of yours. He is a keeper!

Cindy said...

Glad to have been able to pray for you Stephanie.

Still Learning said...

I'm so happy it went great. I love women's retreats or seminars. Something wonderful always happens. Love it love it. It sure was cold wasn't it. 11 degrees, brrr.

connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad it went well
I have my women's conference on this SAturday from 8:30 -3:30 pm then I am hopping in my car and heading up to see ya'll
I can't WAIT!
Much love