Monday, August 27, 2007

Deeper Still- Nashville

Several months ago I saw this conference on the LPM event schedule. I immediately wanted to go the one in Nashville. I saw that it was scheduled for September and thought it might work out. God has had other plans with our finances and life this summer and attending this conference isn't part of it. That's okay! Let me tell you what HE did instead.

First you need a little background information. About a year and half ago when we were getting ready to move, one of the songs that got me through was the song "In Christ Alone". There's just something about it. It speaks to my soul every time I hear it. This was one of the songs we did our last night at our church in Chattanooga. I was honored to play it for our Worship Pastor, he was singing the solo. I still get chills thinking about that night. Anyway..... the lyrics to that song are powerful.

So I find out that my mother-in-law and her sisters are going to this conference and I'm a little envious. Okay, a lot envious. I wanted to go so bad! It's been a couple of years since I've been to a conference and not been involved in the planning and/or worship. I so longed to go and soak in the word and worship with other women who were there to go "Deeper Still".

The first of August when we "kicked" off our new choir year, I flipped over our weekly newsletter to see that on September 8, (the same Saturday as the Deeper Still event) we are having a Christmas rehearsal. I thought "well good, this will take my mind off of the event going on in Nashville." Then I went on to read that we were also having lunch and special guests.

Those special guests just happen to be the couple who wrote "In Christ Alone". Can you believe that? That is what God did for me! He's giving me an opportunity to sit and listen to two songwriters I greatly admire and respect! I'm so very excited and can't wait to hear what they have to say to us.

For me, this is the next best thing to Kay, Priscella and BETH! Go here to check out the Deeper Still Blog!

Once again, He's in the details I tell you!


Carol said...

That is awesome! I still haven't signed up yet. I love that song, too! I have it on my I-pod with Avalon singing it. It is incredible! Carol

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

I just love how God does that! He always has the best for us in store! Love ya!

Darla said...

I love that song! It has carried me through so much! And by the time the song is finished, its like a Jesus Pep rally has taken place in my soul. God does have what is best for us, I was also upset that I did not get to WOF in Washington DC and I had already had tickets, but they over booked the seats, and offered me tickets for the nose bleed section, but some of the women I was taking are elderly and they could not go that I declined my tickets. Then God gave me the RI tickets and it was the better. I can not afford to do both, and some years when my children were younger it just didnt work to go.

I love how you see the good in God's no's! HE always has a better idea when HE says no, we just have to wait for the better!
Princess to Princess!

Meg said...

He always excedes our expectations! Gotta love Him!