Thursday, April 3, 2008

Church During American Idol

Sweet Mercy. I had church during American Idol last night. Actually, it started Tuesday night when Jason Castro sang "Traveling Through" and David A.'s song mentioned Jesus. I tell you what....I'm so proud of these boys, especially Jason for taking that chance. (And did you notice? They are both still there.) Anyway...Simon's "I didn't get it" comment reminded me of the night a couple of seasons ago when a special lady from Nashville stepped onto that stage and proclaimed freedom as she sang Mary Mary's "Shackles". Anybody else remember that night? And we all know what God is doing in her life don't we!!!

God moved me last night between 9:00 and 10:00. He used all sorts of things to remind me that each one of us has a story to tell. An important story to tell. As a believer, it's a story of redemption. It's a love story of being found by the One who loved you enough to give His last breath for you. It's a story of living day by day knowing you have Jesus in your corner, calling you to a better life. An abundant life. Not always a problem or hurt free life, but abundant life.

Too often I'm guilty of not sharing what God has done or is doing because I worry that my excitement will turn people off to Jesus, or they will think I'm sort of crazy "religious freak". I know, that is silly! And if someone said that to my face, I would tell them that is silly! AND it's a lie straight from the pit of hell. I'm just being honest here girls. Deep down we want everyone to like us and sometimes, it seems easier to make the choice to NOT share. Not at all the right thing, and it grieves my heart that I struggle with this. It's something that God is constantly working on in me. Just feels like that even in church, we can be surrounded by casual Christians who never fully grasp just what a ride a day by day, or minute by minute relationship with Jesus can be!

Okay, I'm on a rabbit trail....God showed me last night that if these young people can stand for Christ before 60 million viewers, and three judges (one of which never gets a song that speaks the name of Jesus) and proclaim the name of our LORD, then here in this little corner of North Georgia, I can do the same thing.

I was thrilled when Ryan introduced the Clark Brothers. Chad and I were fans of theirs (and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra) during the Next Great American Band. In fact, we remembered the "shorter" arrangement of "This Little Light of Mine" that they did on that show and commented that we wanted to buy it.

I sure hope you'll watch and listen to what they are saying. And then ask God to help you let your little light shine in your corner of the world. (And if you need a healin', ask Him for that too!)



Cheri said...

I don't watch much of American Idol so I had not heard that. Love the way they sing it!
How true it is that our stories can reach others. God wants us to share them.

Chadwick said...

Way cool. Can't believe you found that video - I though you were Youtube challenged. The Clark brothers rocked last night & we will buy their album when it comes out.

Can't beilve you didn't mention Dolly. She was pretty good to and also with a message about Jesus.

Favorite moment of the night was when Dolly told Ryan that "I have Jesus and you have Simon. I prefer my end." Gotta love our little Tennessee girl.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl, you are so precious to me! I completely understand what you are saying. Let us let our lights shine.
Love you!

Darlene R. said...

I missed last night show. Man! I guess I missed a good one.
It makes me sad that Simon never "gets it".

Fran said...

Oh thank you Jesus!!

So very beautiful what happened on AI!

My hope is that at the right time and right place, I will be bold and beautiful for Jesus.

I hope we all are....He is everything!

Love you girl~

jodi said...

I was thinking of what Dolly said about having Jesus too. I guess Simon just has his own kind of "truth". :)

Carol said...

What do I even start with? Hmm...first, I have completely turned into the Jesus freak I would have raised my eyebrows at years ago, and honey, I'm proud to be here. Join the club. Second, I would absolutely love to - I mean it would make my day- to see you tell somebody that calling you a religious freak was okay with you because that was a lie straight from the pit of hell. I'm getting tickled thinking about it. 'Cause, girlfriend, you may be small but inside that cute little body is some SASS! LOL! :)

Jenifer said...

Boy howdy do we have a story to tell! I do understand how hard it is though, to share that story; especially when we're surrounded by other "believers" who just don't seem to "get it". But, I guess that's when we are to focus more on what we are doing to benefit the Kingdom than what they aren't doing.:)

Poor Simon. He doesn't get it because he doesn't have Jesus. We need to pray for him and for those on the show to have the boldness to share with him the love of Jesus.

I enjoy reading your blog and have been impressed by your daughter's little blog. I'm thinking about helping my daughter develop a blog of her own. We should introduce them.


Meg said...

Hi Stephanie. I love to watch American Idol...I had the opposite reaction to Dolly's song...I did not like it much, but it is always good to hear people sing His praises even if I don't like the song much. Have a great week. Love, Meg