Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a weekend!!!

What a ride this weekend was! Our children's choir presented "Life School Musical" Sunday night and WOW!!! They rocked the house.

I'm so proud of each child. They have worked so hard and God blessed their preparation...big time. :) I'm a little partial to the character "Bugs" she's mine. :)

Here she is getting ready to leave...she did a self-portrait.

"Bugs" and "Miss Knowsalot" who is a 5th grader. She did a great job! It's hard to believe next year Chloe will be a 5th grader and in her last few children's musicals!

Bugs singing about how much she LOVES bugs.

Emma and Colin waiting on the show!!!!

It's Tuesday afternoon right now and our last guests left a little over an hour ago. We have had LOVED having family here since last Thursday. We've shopped, visited, rested and just generally enjoyed being with each other. I'm going to post some pictures..big surprise I know, and then a little later today I'm going to post a thought on something that one of my Freedom's Call sisters said last night. It was awesome!

Colin, Uncle Chad and Paddington in the "boy" chair. No Girls Allowed.

I was attacked by the hugging machine. (I loved every minute of it) If you look real close, you can see that I was studying for this weekend. That's Frydaddy's "The Lamb Has Overcome" book. We're using some of those songs this weekend at the Live, Laugh, Love Conference.

Emma-7 Colin-4 and Chloe- 9

This is me with my younger sister. Yes, she's much taller than me. She passed me when I was in 6th grade and she was in 4th grade. But I don't have any issues with that. ;)

We have NO pictures of the two of us without kids. We thought we were being so smart to let them take a few of us outside, but the sun was SO bright. Maybe next time we'll grab a better shot!


Amy Wyatt said...

The show was incredible. Your little one is extremely talented... but that doesn't surprise me... she is like you! You guys did a fantastic job. Spencer can't wait to be in 3rd grade so he can try out for a part.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad all of Chloe's hard work paid off!

Carol said...

Before I go any further - are those pink sperry topsiders?? I used to have those identical shoes! They were some of my favs!! Now for the serious stuff. Oh my goodness. Chloe was THE star of the WHOLE show - next to Jesus, of course. She was FABULOUS! She knew all of her lines. She sang beautifully. She looked precious! That was the cutest show. My kids sat the whole time with their eyes on the stage and didn't budge. It was fantastic! And the picture of you and your sis is very good, I don't care what you say.

Cheri said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. You've got some beautiful kids there!

Meg said...

I hope the weekend conference goes great for you! I read about it at Angela's. Have fun and may the Lord bless you as you lead all the ladies into His throne room. How awesome! Have a blast. I'll be praying for you!

Fran said...

AWESOME!! I love all those pictures!! Those kids are just so dern cute!

I'll be praying for you and the weekend coming up.

Lots of love,

BethAnne said...

Life School Musical ---too cute! Your kids are so beautiful! Our children's program is this Sunday night - should prove to be interesting ---its called Sermon on the Mound.....

The Stokes Family said...

Oh, I hate that we missed the show! Kip was traveling all weekend and I was at my wit's end by Sunday night. I'm sure it would have done me GOOD to have gone . . . Chloe looks ADORABLE in those photos, and it sounds like she has a lot of Mommy's talent!;-)