Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So Many Requests

Three families that are in need of God. Three sets of children in situations that are far from God's plan. They have never met, and are in three different states. But their needs are the same. I know each of their situations...and our God is the only One who can fix what is broken.

Several friends across the south, trying to sell houses that they can longer afford in a market that is less than friendly right now.

Other friends trying to keep their heads above water financially...

Friends grieving over the loss of a parent.

A young mother hospitalized and in isolation due to a very strange illness. She is separated from her precious little baby born the end of last year.

Is your heart heavy yet?

These are just a few of the requests that have flooded my e-mail and telephone line the last few weeks. It would be very easy to become discouraged and ask where in the world God is in all of this. And to be quite honest with you, I have.

Even in my life I'm seeking the Lord about this giant thing that I just can't seem to put to rest. It is exhausting..but as exhausting and hard as this is, I know God is using this to chip away something that is keeping me from radiating His glory. But right now, it is hard.

I'm sure some of you can relate and have felt that same dry, flat, unsure, feeling. It's not that you are doubting God and His ability to handle your situation, it just seems like the need is urgent, and His response seems to be on a different schedule! Anybody hear me?

This morning I was talking to God about this, pouring out my heart about the human time-line I'm facing and pleading with Him to DO SOMETHING!!!!! Anything!!! Just let me know TODAY that you hear me! This is where He took me in my study time.

Psalm 105: 40, 41 and 45

"They asked for meat, and He sent quail. He gave them manna bread from heaven. He opened up a rock and water gushed out to form a river through the dry and barren land. All this happened so they would follow His principles and obey His laws."

His children needed food and He gave it to them.

His children needed water and gave them water from a rock. A rock!

If God can deliver bread from heaven each morning to the Israelites, He can provide for your need today.

If God can break open a rock and make water gush out to form a river in the desert so His children can drink and be satisfied, He can satisfy the dry part of your heart today.

I don't know about you, but I'm asking God to break open a rock and pour out a gushing river of His adequacy into the situations on my heart today. I believe He will too!

I know that it may not be in the way my little human brain thinks it should be, but that makes it even better. He's going to show off in ways I can only imagine.

I can't wait to share them with you!!!


Leah said...

Our walks with God are certainly not boring, are they?? He just keeps growing our faith as we learn to trust Him!! Thinking of you!!


BethAnne said...

I cannot tell you the times that I have had to give myself the following pep talk: The same God that parted the sea can do ANYTHING we ask. He didnt part the sea until the Israelites stepped foot into it - He is right on time every time. It is so hard to step in the sea and trust that He will part those waters, but He did it for the children of Israel and He will do it for us........

I cant wait to hear how He parts the sea for you and those you are praying for!

Cheri said...

I hear ya girl! I hear ya!
Thank you for your comforting words.

Carol said...

That is some good stuff. I am hearing you girl! It's so hard to wait on the Lord, but we have to trust he has already put the plans in motion.

Jess said...

I hear ya, Steph.
I believe we're all being 'primed' in some way, to ultimately shine forth His glory in one way or another - there are just so many going through the valley right now!


Fran said...

Oh He's there. His perspective is just so much better than ours and thats what makes it hard..."walk by faith, and not by sight."

I think this is why I keep asking Him to increase my faith. INCREASE IT! Obviously I have little some days.

Praying for you. You will be such a source of strength for these folks.


Jenifer said...

Great word! Fill us up to overflowing Lord.

Thank you for this sweet friend!

jenmom said...

Oh Stephanie! You expressed in words exactly what I'm going through in my life right now in two very hard circumstances! I too am waiting for His Adequacy to show up big because these are things I totally CAN NOT handle or accomplish on my own. Oh, you must have peaked into my heart on this!!!!

Meg said...

You KNOW that it is true that He will answer and already has in some ways. The waiting is hard, but definitely a time that God uses as you said "to chip away" at things that don't reflect His glory. You're in a good place...resting in KNOWING HE WILL ACT...that does not make it any less hard, but the peace He gives can't be matched. Keep on hanging on. Love, Meg

LAURIE said...

So many needs. They are all around us, I pray that God would burden my heart for those that are hurting, and for me not to become complacent. He is an awesome God and has the whole world in His hands, and there is nothing impossible for Him. "What is impossible with man, is possible with God".
-God bless,Laurie