Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It's so easy to say I believe God. I've been guilty of throwing it out there when truth be told, I didn't whole heartily believe Him.

Lately though, I don't say it unless I really mean it. Lately life has felt like Mr. Toad's wild ride instead of an easy Sunday afternoon drive. (As I stated in an earlier post, I wouldn't trade this time for anything, I'm just stating my feelings right now.) Believing God during the wild ride isn't always as easy as the Sunday afternoon drive.

This morning, I was reading in Mark 6. Jesus is in Nazareth His hometown. These people know His family, His siblings, His parents. They know His history. Yet, they couldn't believe the wisdom, the power He possessed. After all, He was just a carpenter! The son of Mary! They were offended by Him. As a result, verse 5 says their unbelief hindered His ability to perform any miracles. He was only able to heal a few sick(as if that isn't incredible!) and it goes on to say that JESUS was amazed at their unbelief.

I bet over the last few months, Jesus has shook His holy head and said to God, "Can you believe this girl? After all we've done for her, she still doesn't believe!" I haven't always believed. I feel at times I sound like the father in Mark 9:24 "help my unbelief!" I see this huge mountain in front of us and I cry out to God to move it, to take it down! But there is a part of me that doubts that God is going to do that for me. This morning, as I journaled and prayed, I felt the Lord remind me that before He moves it, I have to learn a few more things. I prayed again, help my unbelief, asking if this was what was hindering the movement of the mountain. I didn't get an answer to that. But I did feel impressed to go to the Faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews. (Chapter 11)

This time, in place of reading "By faith Abraham...." I read "I believe Abraham...." I did it for the whole chapter and let me tell you, it was powerful. I have no problem believing the Word. I believe every word in it! My struggle has been believing that God will move in my life the way He did in the "hall of famers" lives.

Then I went to Psalm 37. Two verses hit me between the eyes.

Verse 23 - The steps of the godly are direct by the Lord; HE delights in every detail of their lives.

Thank you Lord for caring about the details of my life! I see you in them, forgive my unbelief!

Verse 34A - Don't be impatient for the Lord to act. Travel steadily
along HIS path

Forgive me Lord for putting an earthly timetable on You! You have thought out every minute of my life. You know exactly what You are doing. You are God and I am not. Please help me to remember that! I believe that one day I will look back on 2007 and shout look what God has done! Until that day, help me to believe you.



Diann said...

That's a tough lesson that I know He continues to teach me over and over again. If you've never read Beth Moore's "Believing God", I think you would really enjoy it right now. A day at a time...

Mommy Dot Com said...

I love this post. It is so encouraging. God is so all over your life. You can see His glory upon you. You are a person that when anyone with the spiritual discernment of a three year old sees you, they would know that God is going to do tremendous things through you. I know that trials must come. I am praying that your faith will grow and grow in this time as He continues to prepare you for His service. Some of the most beautiful sre written in these times. I'll ask God to give you lots of them (songs, not trials)! Songs that will comfort those with the same comfort the Lord supplies you. I believe in you!!


Meg said...

Yes!!! Me too!!!! I am right there with you sister. Lord, help my unbelief too. Thanks for sharing. Meg

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Great post! I really needed that girl! You never cease to encourage me and I thank God for your friendship!
Love you!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Found your post through miss suzi:)

I have sat down and asked God many times, " Can I just start from scratch with you?"

It is totally okay to do that.

Try reading Psalm 139 and memorize and meditate on it.

Thing about it is, if you don't believe in God in more than just the word, what about your life, do you have doubts of others, or even yourself?

God is totally trustable:)

I would just say the thing that helped me most was first of all teh BELIEVING GOD study, and just sitting and spending time alone, where it was just me and God.

Something tells me that He is about to show you an overflow...

Just trust, believing comes later:)

Be Blessed:)