Monday, August 20, 2007

Is denim of the devil?

Others will not want to know about your Jesus until they see the reality of your Jesus in your life.

I came across this quote today. It knocked me down. We had a pretty lively Sunday School class yesterday and God so timed it that I had to leave for choir before I could comment. (He knew I couldn't sit there much longer!) We "Christians" can be so mean to each other. We get so caught up in looking the part on Sunday that we often forget that Jesus didn't die for us to follow a dress code on Sunday morning. He died to restore a broken relationship!

Chad and I discussed this most of the afternoon. How in the world do we expect the world to want to know Jesus and become our "brother" or "sister" in Christ when we treat each other like red headed step children? I've said this before and I'll say it again. Tradition does not equal holiness. Personal taste does not equal holiness.

If Jesus is truly the reality in my life, I won't care if someone walks into church on Sunday morning in a pair of jeans. I won't see the jeans, I'll see a person who just like me, came to encounter Jesus. By the way, what if that is all that person has? How welcome do you think they would feel if we turned up our noses and looked away?

Life is hard enough, we don't need to allow satan to use another person's wardrobe to distract us!

***PLEASE UNDERSTAND that I am in no way promoting immodest or vulgar clothing. I believe God gives guidelines on how Christian women should dress. However, I do not believe God cares if I come to church on Sunday morning in a pair of jeans. I will not allow denim to keep me from worshipping God! ***

Okay, I feel better now. :) Just keeping it real here!


The Small Scribbler said...

I love this! Especially the red-headed step children part. And I agree with you whole-heartedly. Salvation here in Smallville is based on suits and dresses you know. It's in the Smallville handbook.

Darla said...

Keeping it real with you! Love love love you Steph!

I know people who will not go to church because they do no own dress clothes, and can not afford to get them. I will wear jeans and a pullover to walk in church with them if thats what it takes..

Heres some humor to fit the issue- a gentleman asked me if i think it is appropiate to wear street clothes into God's house...I answered I think God sees everyone naked..I am not sure God cares at all about our clothing..I know HE cares about our hearts/souls. Short conversation! :)

Meg said...

Oh yeah! Keep it real sister! I can't imagine not having the freedom to wear jeans! It is for FREEEDOM we have been set free! Free to wear jeans! Have a great day! Thanks for praying for my sister! Love, Meg

Darla said...

Princess Steph, praying for you this my heart I applaud you for taking the high road, not always the easiest, but always blessed! Heaven is our home, and this journey is full of distractions, all trying to take our eyes off HIM.

I have had Travis singing in my head (haha), "if your tired and weary come home..the Father is waiting to carry HIS own.."
so weariness today is meaning that extra time with HIM is coming home. HE feels like home to me, and I think HE feels like home to you too! Love you siesta...we are out here, and we are not alone!

Princess to Princess!

jodi said...

So true! We had a similar message from our pastor on Sunday morning. For me it helps to remember how I looked before Christ started dwelling in my heart. Yikes! I'm glad the church didn't turn me away during that time in my life!

Mommy Dot Com said...

I got your comment. Thank you for the welcome. I thought I knew who you were and I was right. I love you! You are so gifted and filled with the presence of the Lord. I LOVE your music. Keep playing for Jesus and for all the sheep He has called for you to water. I'll keep in touch and keep posting.


Amy said...

Hey My Sistah...
PREACH! Can we remember that the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE allowed Himeself to be born in an animal shelter and clothed in rags in order to bring ABUNDANT LIFE to Whosoever will!!!

Sorry, I about went on a tangent of judgement...please forgive me! I'm so glad you and I can keep it real together!!

I love you!

Fran said...

Hi blogging friend,
I found your blog and read the entire page!! Very very good.
Especially this last post on "Is denim of the devil?" This has been a "thing" God and I are working on....being the real deal and trying desperately to be authentic. I am borrowing the quote you used at the beginning and if I knew how to give you credit for it, I would. I don't know how to do that yet! :)

See ya again!