Friday, August 24, 2007

New Blog Sisters

Happy Friday!!!!

This morning I want to introduce you to a couple of new bloggers. I know both of these ladies in real life and consider them sisters in the Lord.

The first is Carol at Sheep to the Right. She is a new friend here in Dacula. We are in the same Sunday School class and sing in the choir together. Carol is a gifted writer waiting to see what God has planned for her. She just started blogging this week, so jump over there and give her some bloggity love!

The second is Kara at Mommy dot com. Kara is the very good friend of my dear friend Angela at Refresh My Soul. Kara is the mommy to 6, yes you read SIX children. She has a very POWERFUL testimony. Her writing and speaking just draws you to the feet of Jesus. Go check her out, I think you'll be encouraged. (By the way, when the group she speaks with comes to Atlanta, I'll be in the first row cheering her on! Want to joint me?)

I just finished reading Mandisa's book "Idol Eyes". BUY THIS BOOK! It was awesome. Beth Moore wrote the forward and there is one quote in there that I'm plan to share a little later today. We've got to get done with a little school before I can get all serious!

Have a great Friday!


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Thanks for sharing those blogs! I was thinking about doing a post like that. You are so sweet!

Read the book Idol Eyes too! I loved it too! Sorry I missed you yesterday I was at Sandy's and was being loved on! Tell you about it soon!
Much love my sister in Christ!

Meg said...

I am going over to meet your friends! Hope your first week of school was a success. Is Chloe interested in having a penpal? My Victoria (who was 9 in May) is interested in finding a penpal. Let me know if that interests her. Love, Meg

Mommy Dot Com said...

You are so precious! Thanks for the plug. I want you to know I love you and I am THRILLED that you will be on that front row. We're suppose to go to Henry Blackaby's church some time in the spring. It has been hard finding a date and they may switch the venue and do it at another location. I'll let you know when I know for sure.


Carol said...

Thanks Stephanie! I am excited about joining the world of bloggers. I consider myself so priveledged to call you a friend. I am so glad the Lord brought us together. Carol