Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend in Pictures

We had a wonderful weekend. It was a whirlwind of activity, and this morning we are exhausted, BUT it was all worth it. A beautiful wedding is one of those things I love and usually cry through. This weekend proved it.

I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures with you.

This is Chloe and Emma at the bridesmaids luncheon on Friday. The Inn we were at is the Inn Chad and I stayed in on our wedding night. You can't see it from this picture, but over Emma's shoulders is the TN River. It was so beautiful to eat overlooking the water. That's one thing we miss here in GA!

Emily is the only granddaughter on one side of her family. This is her Aunt, our hostess, passing on Emily's Grandmother's tea set. This was a very emotional time as this Grandmother is with Jesus now. The set is stunning and still has the price tags on the bottom of each piece.

Emma and the Bride at the Rehearsal Dinner. This took place at the Hunter Art Museum. Also overlooking the river. Emma was a little disappointed that we didn't get to go through the museum. She is my artist and loves this museum. Fortunately, there are plenty of sculptures outside for her to enjoy! We had to stop to read about each one on the way to the car. Hmmmmm, maybe we will count that as some school time!

Chad, the girls with his Grandmother. She looked stunning. She was so excited about wearing this dress! She kept asking me if I thought it was too long. I told her no, it was the perfect length for an after 5 wedding. Her eyes got real wide and she lit up and said, "You know, that is exactly what the lady who altered this dress told me!" It was so cute. I wish you could have seen her glide out of her house, she was dressed to the nines and felt good about herself, it was priceless.

This is the ONLY picture I got of the bride and groom! Can you believe that?!!! Who was this day about???? Anyway, hopefully my mother-in-law got some I can bum!

Emma taking pictures at the reception.

Emma taking a picture of Nana, Nana taking a picture of Emma!

One tired and hungry little flower girl. The bride is a dietitian and she made sure there was plenty of fruit and veggies at this wedding! Emma was in heaven! Her plate had cantaloupe, strawberries, veggies and a roll. (No meat, well, she had a couple of Chad's shrimp!)

Chad's cousin Wendy. She cracks me up. We haven't seen her in a while so it was good to visit with her. Chad, ever the prankster played a great little joke on her. It was pretty funny. Knowing her, she'll get him back the next time she sees him. (And yes, he deserves whatever he gets!)

Skipping to the car in downtown Chattanooga. It is so beautiful. (Side note for Chad. Did you know that Jim Brickman will be at the Tivoli on Dec. 12? And did you notice that there was a Starbucks in the lobby of the Read House? You know, a great birthday present might be concert tickets, a night at the Read house and coffee at Starbucks. Just a thought. Just trying to be a helpmate!)

We could not resist taking a picture in this storefront.

This couple was just precious. It was very emotional for me for some reason. I watched Emily in the dressing room and was taken back 13 years to my own wedding. I remember standing in my gown waiting to be taken upstairs, when the door cracked and Emily and her mom came in to say hi. Emily was keeping our guest book and was around 11 or 12 years old. Saturday, I stood in the door and watched this young woman in her gown preparing to become one with the man of her dreams. It was too much! How time flies. I looked at my girls and said a prayer for the men they will marry one day. Emily and Jeffrey have been given godly examples of marriage. That was evident as Jeffrey's father read scripture and prayed over them at the beginning of the ceremony. I believe God has great plans for this couple. They are passionate about each other but more importantly, passionate about Jesus.

The legacy theme keeps resounding in my heart and mind. Every decision we make affects future generations. What am I leaving my daughters, grandchildren? May we have marriages that point to Christ in the good and the bad.


Darla said...

Steph, they are the prettiest, cutest little princess' I have ever seen!!!! Adorable...I liked the "hint hint" for chad...I have missed you on here, and keep checking for you. Glad to know that you were overwhelmed with to-do's and not sick. Love and prayers, Princess to Princess

The Small Scribbler said...


These pictures are gorgeous! I can't believe how much Emma has grown. I was laughing about her wanting to go through the Museum. My kids would have wanted to do the same. So glad you had a wonderful time and looking forward to your birthday post about how you get to see Jim Brickman and how awesome he is....


Diann said...

Your girls are beautiful! It looked like a fairytale wedding! We used to live in Chattanooga and it is beautiful there. I'm glad you guys had a great weekend!

mandy said...

what a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flower girl! Great pictures! Weddings alway make me cry too!

Meg said...

What beautiful pictures! I love weddings. Thanks for the anniversary wishes you left at my blog...tomorrow will be our 15 year anniversary! Hard to believe. Time does fly by. I like what you said about pointing to Christ in the good and the bad. He is always faithful! Meg